Personal Training

Personal training

Personal training takes the guess work out of your workouts. As a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer I will customize every workout for your needs and goals.

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Pilates Studio Sessions

Pilates for stretching, strengthening, and ab exercises
Pilates is a wonderful way to stretch and strengthen

Pilates is the best of both worlds. It stretches and strengthens. You will leave each session with more body awareness, flexibility, and strength.

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Get AFLCA Certified

Aquafit instructor teaching water exercise class

Ready to take your fitness passion to the next level?

Get AFLCA certified and become a professional fitness instructor.

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Welcome to my website.

I’ve met hundreds of people while teaching fitness classes, personal training, and instructing pilates and although each and everyone of them is unique, they all have common questions and concerns.

I’ve created this website and blog to provide qualified answers to your health and fitness questions. I’m a certified personal trainer through Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, a Health Coach through American Counsel on Exercise, and a AFLCA train the trainer. This doesn’t mean I know all the answers but it does mean I use evidence backed exercises and scientifically proven health and wellness advice.

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