Welcome to HappyHealth360

10 weeks to a Healthier Happier You

This 10 week program addresses our unique 2020 health and fitness challenges. We are using our combined decades of fitness and wellness expertise to deliver our best program yet.

So what have we designed for you?

We have built an easily customizable fitness program that we will guide you through with weekly checkins to make sure you are getting (and giving) what you need to get the results you want.

  • Accountability
  • Customizable
  • Strength Flow
  • Functional Fusion
  • Core Express
  • HIIT
  • Circuit Training
  • Cardio


Most people can figure out what they should do and buy a fitness program but after the first couple of weeks they lose sight of their intentions and stop working out. This is normal we’ve seen it over and over again (especially now we’re working out on our own) so we’re putting together a lot of different options that work. Since everyone is different, you select the one that works for you to keep you on track:

  • Walk and Talks (St Albert and in Jasper)
  • Lunch and Learns (group zoom meeting to discuss weekly focuses)
  • 1-1 zoom checkins (30min)
  • weekly survey


How are we going to do all this?

We’re breaking the exercise formats down to 20 min focuses. You can do 1 or 3 videos in a row, mix and match, and add them to your cardio routine. Not into videos? Want to go it solo? There is a pdf of every workout routine along with a weekly email checklist to keep you on track.

Strength Flow

Heavy lifting isn’t realistic in most home settings, but our bodies are plenty heavy enough to create overload. Karen (master trainer) has put together a simple yet effective program to increase your lean muscle mass. 20 min a day will make all the difference. If you have more ambitious plans, you can combine 3 videos for a really good sweat.

Functional Fusion

This is a flow class that fuses pilates, yoga, myofascia release and stretches. This is designed to undo all the damage our lifestyles are creating in out bodies. 20 min break during a long day of zoom meetings, after a day in the office, after a long run or lifting session will help you prevent injuries and help your back.

Core Express

20 min to a stronger core. You know you need this. It will combine pilates and strength training to help you get your middle back. Essential for those of you with back issues.


Burn more fat in less time with super efficient HIIT (high intensity interval training), where you will give 100 percent effort through quick intense bursts of energy followed by short periods of recovery. We can’t promise HIIT is easy, but it sure gets results (and turns you into a badass)!!

Circuit Training

Build muscular endurance and rev your metabolism, as you target all your major muscle groups using body weight exercises and some portable equipment with minimal rest. Circuit training will build muscle, burn fat and increase stamina. Need we say more?!


Your cardio (cross training) can be any format you prefer. It’ll be based on your heart rate, (which your coach will help you set up) so there’s no more guessing about intensity. Let us know what you like/ have access to and we’ll give you exactly what you need.

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