How To Maintain Your Fitness Routine?

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I know a fitness routine seems a little trivial with all of the rapid changes and stress we are all currently facing but I know routine and movement are the best way for us all to cope with stress. I’m going to expand on the American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines, as well as tell you what I’m doing, so you can see how this routine fits into a weekly schedule.


Moderate intensity done more frequently

This is moving your large muscle groups in steady pace movement such as walking. The goal is to get your heart rate elevated for a minimum of 30 min. The guidelines are 5 times a week at a moderate pace for 30-60 minutes. I have been going outside 5 times a week for a long walk. I’m using sidewalks so I stay away from the crowded trails. I also use walking poles for my longer walks to get my upper body a workout too.

Vigorous intensity done less frequently

This is the hot sweaty mess experienced in HIIT or spin classes. 20-60 minutes of elevated heart rate that can be achieved through most cardio classes (SVAC is posting them on youtube). I’m lucky enough to have a Peloton which is how I’m getting it done. 

Strength Training

It is best for home workouts to do full body routines using lighter weights with higher repetitions. This will minimize risk of injuries and can be done in smaller spaces. Guidelines are 2-3 times a week 8-20 repetitions for 1-4 sets.


This can be done everyday (especially after an intense workout). It should be a focus 2-3 times a week holding each stretch for 60 sec per major muscle. Yoga and Pilates classes both cover this need (if you find it difficult to stretch after your workouts). I teach online pilates training with my clients so I get a lot of stretching through my work, as well as doing a weekly tune up roll out on Sundays with my hubby (joys of living with a trainer).   

Neuromotor Training

This type of training is usually included in a workout created by professionals. It will include agility, balance, and stability movements. The guidelines recommend these intentional movements 2-3 times a week. Most classes will cover these types of movements. It is the types of movements that we lose as we age and we need to intentionally add back into our exercise regimes.

Here is my routine for next week (I’m booking it into my schedule to give myself accountability). The weather doesn’t look great so I’m scheduling 3 vigorous cardio sessions. I’ll still go for little walks but for my mental health- not workouts. ST is strength, Cardio V-30 is vigorous cardio for 30 min.

ST:DB FlowCardio V-30 PilatesST:DB FlowCardio V-30
ST:DB FlowCardio V-30

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